Weekly Training Diary – 7/4/17

Quote of the Week:

“The confidence of a fighter comes from how well he prepared himself” – George St-Pierre

I’ve been out of the habit of updating my diary over the past few weeks but I’ve stuck to being consistent with my training. I avoiding getting into a post fight slump and made sure I was at every training session going, and having extra one to one sessions each week. I’ve also got myself back into morning sessions (having eased off after my fight) and have implemented a new, more precise strength program into my morning workouts, which I’m going to write about in the next few days (in the meantime read my article about weight training and martial arts).


Diet wise I’ve also kept on point, avoiding my normal post fight binge. Other than a few cheat meals I’ve stayed consistent, tracking all my calories and accounting for everything. Having weighed in at 81kg for my last fight on the 12th of July I’m up at 81.5 kilos now, and getting lower.


I’ve been matched up for another interclub on the 23rd, at 80kg, so this has helped hugely with my motivation to stay focused with my training and diet. In my last interclub I didn’t give a strong enough performance to move up to N-Class (I’ve written a post about this performance), so I’m on the 23rd I’m trying to show that I’m at the level I need to be to move up to amateur. I’m feeling good in training and sparring – so I’m looking forward to getting back in the ring for this one!

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