Being Pleased with Disappointment

I want to start out with an apology, I haven’t posted for a little while now. I’ve had a load of deadlines for college and other commitments and got out of the routine, but I plan on getting back to regular posting from now on! In this post I’m going to be talking about what happened on the 12th at my last interclub fight and the weird mixture of disappointment and happiness I’ve felt with my performance.

First of all let’s break down what happened in the interclub. It was at Monkey Muay Thai in Windsor, where my last two interclubs were before Christmas, and I was rematching one of the two people I fought then. I weighed in at exactly 81kg, and had to cut about half a kilo of water in the end to make sure I was at weight. I think my opponent weighed in at 83kg.

In I feel I started strongly in round one, and almost immediately I caught my opponent’s kick and hammered in a sweep attempt, whilst I didn’t get him down to the matting it was a solid kick to the standing leg, and a good technique. This was followed up by some leg kick exchanges and I landed a few solid inside thigh kicks. I took a shot to the groin, but recovered fast and we finished the round with some clinch.

Round two I started well again, landing a few good shots, but I felt afterwards that I should have pushed the pace a bit. In the break my trainer told me to look for the right body kick, and while I got a few off there were plenty of chances to use more. I also needed to be quicker off the mark with my knees in the clinch, and work on turning my opponent and controlling the positioning more. Looking back at the footage I felt I used my hands and kicks better in combination that I have in previous fights, but some of my punches came off as slow and sloppy – this is a continued area of work for me and there’s still a lot of room for improvement.

In the final round we had some good exchanges of kicks and I was pleased with how I returned kicks as quickly as they were thrown at me.  Again I feel I should have been keeping the pressure on and the pace of the fight a bit quicker, as afterwards I felt I had more in the tank. We clinched up a bit more in this final round, and again I needed to be more active with controlling the positioning in the clinch.

I did feel that this was one of the best performances in an interclub I’ve had, I felt a lot more relaxed and in control throughout all three rounds. I took one shot to the chin, enough to make eating my post fight Macdonald’s slightly painful, but that was the only damage I took. So overall I was pleased with how I did, but can identify several areas to improve on.

However, the disappointment comes in the fact that my trainer wants me to have at least one more interclub before putting me into an amatuer fight. I agree with him, I need to show I’m the cut above an interclub fighter before moving up, and knew that he was looking for a dominant performance in this fight and whilst I did well, it certainly wasn’t dominant.  Like said, it’s a very strange feeling – on one hand I’m happy with how I fought, and can see progress from last time (even easier to see because it’s a rematch) but on the other side I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to secure the chance at an amatuer fight.

“I’m going to remember the feeling of disappointment, and use as motivation”

But I’ve had some time to reflect and realise that I can turn that disappointment into a positive. There’s another interclub on the 23rd of April, and I’ve told my trainer to put me in for it. I’m going to remember the feeling of disappointment, and use as motivation. When I’m flagging at training I’m going to remember that disappointment. When I’m struggling with my willpower to stick to eating clean I’m going to remember that disappointment. And when I’m in the ring on the 23rd of April, trying again to show that I have what it takes to fight at N-Class, I’m going to remember that disappointment and use to to push myself harder. The old cliche is that you haven’t failed if you grown from the experience, and that’s exactly the view I’m taking on this fight. The image I’ve attached to this article is a Churchill quote (one of my heroes) about success being the result of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. I don’t consider my actual performance as a failure, I see that as an improvement, but it was still not the level I wanted to be at. So I’ve got straight back into training, and straight back into dieting (minus a couple cheat meals after the fight) and I’m aiming to put on stronger performance on the 23rd. And if that interclub again shows that I’d need to improve to fight N-Class, then I’ll go again, and again, until I reach that goal.

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