Weekly Training Diary – 10/3/17

Quote of the Week:

“Every night when I go home I ask myself, did I get one percent better today?” – Benson Henderson

It’s fight week, which means that training has been lighter this week. Sunday was the last sparring session, just light technical work and then Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were conditioning, drills and padwork. After the Wednesday session it’s about resting up, apart from one final cardio session (a nice chilled 20 miles or so on my bike).

I’m feeling up for this weekend, I alternate between nerves and feeling pumped, but that’s completely normal for me. I just want to get in the ring, show what I can do and get it done. The nerves are just part of the process, and what makes getting in the ring into such a rush. Even with the nerves I’m ready to test myself, I think that competing is where you learn the most because weekly sparring is against people you’ve trained with and have already figured out. Fighting against someone you’ve never met shows you how your skills stack up, and how quickly you can work out someone’s weaknesses. That’s why I’ve chosen the Benson Henderson Quote as my quote of the week for this week – for me this weekend is about testing if I’ve got that couple of percent better since I last fought.

What I am really looking forward to is eating a beautifully unhealthy meal after the fight. I’ve been sticking to 2000 calories a day, and not a lot of carbs so my weight is on point, but I’ve literally dreamed about what I’m going to eat (two large big mac meals, ice cream, chocolate and a couple of beers). I’m hoping to fight again at the end of April, so can’t afford to let my weight creep up too much, but I’m definitely going to reward myself with a little binge this weekend.

After the fight I’m going to get back to the hustle and keep working – hopefully towards my first amateur bout.

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