Training Goals

I’ve always found setting goals to be the best way to provide focus to my training. When I’m struggling through a training session I bring that goal to the front of my mind and remind myself what I’m working towards, and use that to push myself forward. These goals don’t have to be huge, and may not seem huge to others, but for me they’re ‘the next logical step’ on what I see as my progression through training. So in this post I’m going to look at the goals I’ve already moved past, and the goals I’m currently working towards. I’ve never really written down set goals for myself, I’ve always just visualised my goal, or at most verbalised it to friends and training partners, so this is going to be a bit of an introspective experience for myself to go over old goals, and set my newer ones in stone.

“Setting goals is the best way to provide focus to my training…”

When I first started training I hadn’t planned on competing, I was purely motivated by the idea of learning a new skill and getting fitter, so I guess the first goal I ever set was to lose some weight. I wasn’t specific about how much, I just knew I wanted to get leaner.

After about six months, as I started to improve and learn the basic skills and was getting better at sparring, I set the goal of having my first interclub fight within a year of starting training. Coupled with this I set the goal of fighting at 85 kilos, both of these goals I met. Then the goal changed from having one interclub fight to having as many as I could. I continued to take part in them as often as I could, as well as continuing to drop weight right down to 80 kilos.

I decided at this point to set myself the target of an amateur fight at N-Class (meaning shin guards and bigger gloves, essentially a decision interclub fight). My trainer wanted me to have a couple more interclub fights before going in for one, which brings me to where I am now.

I’m going to university in September, which means I’m going to have to adjust my training schedule and goals, but I’ve set myself three goals to further my training until September, which are:

  1. Winning my first N-Class fight.
  2. Maintaining my weight at 80kg.
  3. Train in Thailand for a month.

The first of these goals is a progression from interclub to amateur fighting, which is straightforward enough and just an increase in the pressure of the fight.

The second goal is another simple one, and ties into the third. I fought at 82kg at my last interclub before christmas, and gained a few kilos over the holidays, so I want to drop back to 80 for my next one, and then stick at that weight until I go to Thailand. It’s the weight I seem to fight best at, so I want to make sure I stay on weight and ready to go for any opportunity.

The final goal is one I wanted to do from a few months after I started training. I’m going to be travelling to Thailand in July, and living at training full-time at Diamond Muay Thai in Koh Phangan for a full month, which is going to be intense.
Obviously these are going to change as I continue training and reach each goal, so I’ll be posting the next time I set new goals, which will probably be just before I go to Thailand.

To help me reach these goals I need to plan my diet and weekly training; you can check out what I eat in an average day here, and what a weeks worth of my training looks like here.

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