Daily Diet Rundown

Diet plays a huge factor in my training, I can feel the difference in my training intensity if I haven’t been eating right. I’m not saying I’m a saint when it comes to the food I eat, I fucking love cookies and ice cream and more than once I’ve got in trouble with my trainer for whipping out a chocolate bar after I’ve weighed in. After a fight I’ll have a couple of days of eating what I like, but then I get back to being stricter.

“More than once I’ve got in trouble with my trainer for whipping out a chocolate bar after I’ve weighed in…”

Apart from this little post fight binge I try to stick to eating clean, with just the odd cheat meal to keep me sane, but if I’m getting ready for a fight I make sure I get strict with my intake, using apps like My Fitness Pal to track my daily calories and macros.
I also tend to only vary my meals slightly from day-to-day, other than my evening meal, simply because it makes meal prep so much easier – I can just batch cook each part of the meal, put them in Tupperware and throw them in the fridge or freezer ready to eat when I need them.

This means that for the most part, my food for a day looks like this:


Porridge (Half a cup of oats and a cup of semi skimmed milk, 40g of sultanas and a tablespoon of honey)


Mid-Morning Snack

Fruit (For example two small satsumas)



125g of Rice (half a microwave pouch)

150g of Chicken Breast

Mixed Veg (Normally frozen peas and sweetcorn)


Mid-Afternoon Snack

20g of either Walnuts or Brazil Nuts


Post Work Meal

125g of Rice

150g of Chicken Breast


Evening Meal (Varies each day, this is just a typical example)

200g of potatoes

275g Pork Chop

Mixed Veg (Peas, Carrots, Broccoli)


Post Evening Training Meal (Had at whatever time I finish my evening training)

250ml Semi Skimmed Milk

1 Scoop Whey Protein


In total this day would bring me to 2467 calories, with 203g protein, 272g carbs and 53g of fats, which is a good balance for me, giving me enough energy for an average day of training. If I was trying to cut down for a fight I’ll make a few adjustments, by lowering my carbs and increasing my fat intake. I work of what feels good to me, but as a rough guide I’d lower my carbs to the same as my protein intake, and bring my fats up to about 60g. But cutting down is more about listening to how my body is feeling, how I’m progressing and adjusting my diet week by week.

If you found this interesting you can check out my typical week of training here.

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